The colorful history and equally colorful legends of professional rodeo live on at the ProRodeo Hall of Fame and Museum of the American Cowboy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Since the Hall’s opening in 1979, 294 people, 38 animals and 32 rodeo committees have been inducted. More than 100 individuals are nominated each year, but only a few are selected.

Inductee by category:

Inductees Alphabetically:

Davis, Jim

Davis, Shawn

Davis, Sonny

Deadwood Days of ’76

Decker, Jo


Dightman, Myrtis

Doak, George

Dobbs, Quail

Dodge City Roundup

Duhon, Steve

Dunn, Rex

Duvall, Roy

Ellensburg Rodeo

Elliott, Verne

Etbauer, Billy

Etbauer, Robert

Etienne, Myron “Doc”

Evans, Eldon

Evans, J. Pat

Farris, John

Farris, Mildred

Feild, Lewis

Feller, Tom

Felts, Arnold

Ferguson, Tom

Five Minutes to Midnight

Flynn, Denny

Ford, Bruce

Fort, Troy

Franklin, Glen

French Flash Hawk “Bozo”

Frost, Lane

Fulkerson, Jasbo

G-65 Grated Coconut

Gardenhire, Phil

Garrett, Mark

Garrett, Marvin

Garrison, Walt

Gaudin, Dudley J.

Gaughan, Michael

Gay, Don

Gay, Neal

Gellerman, Doyle

Gjermundson, Brad

Gills Bay Boy “Scamper”

Glenn, Joe

Gorsuch, Dean

Grand National Rodeo, Horse & Stock Show

Gray Wolf

Greeley Stampede

Greenough, Deb

Griffith, Dick

Grubb, Pete

Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo

Hadley, Tom

Hannum, Jack

Hare, Miles

Harris, Bobby

Harris, Lecile

Hawkins, John

Hedeman, Richard “Tuff”

Hell’s Angel

Hendricks, Byron

Hendricks, Lee

Henson, Chuck

Henson, Monty

Herman, Wayne

Hervey, Bill

High Tide

Hirdes, Les

Holcomb, Homer

Horton Leach, Fay Ann 

Houston, Jim

Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

Howard, Duane

Hurley, Bobby

Hyland, Mel

Iowa’s Championship Rodeo

Irwin, C.B.

Irwin, Sharkey

Ivory, Buster

Ivory, June

James, Charmayne

Jauregui, Andy

Johnson, Clint

Johnson, Ben

Jones, Cecil

Jones, John W. Sr.

Jones, John W. Jr.

Josey, Martha

Justin, John

Kelsey, Joe

Kerby, Rex “Bud”

Kerby, Swanny

Kesler, Reg

Khadafy Skoal

Kirby, Butch

Knight, Harry

Knight, Pete

Knowles, Butch

Korkow, Erv

La Fiesta de los Vaqueros

LaJeunesse, Lan

Lambert, Mel

LeDoux, Chris

Leffew, Gary

Linderman, Bill

Linderman, Bud

Linger, Sonny

Littrell, Hal

Logan, Pete

Logue, Chuck

Lucas, Tad

Lucia, Tommy

Lybbert, Chris

Lyne, Phil

Lytle, Buddy

Maggini, Charles

Mahan, Larry

Mansfield, Toots

Martin, Keith

Marvel, Joe

May, Harley

Mayo, Paul

McBeth, John

McBride, Billie

McClure, Jake

McEntire, Clark

McLaughlin, Don

McLean, Kenny

McSpadden, Clem

Medicine Woman

Meek, Junior


Miller, John

Mills, George

Minick, Billy

Miss Klamath

Montana, Montie

Mortensen, Dan

Mote, Bobby

Mulkey, Burel

Munroe, Bud

Munroe, Jimmie

Murray, Ty

National Western Stock Show & Rodeo

Nebraska’s Big Rodeo

Nelson, Alvin

Nesmith, Tom

Nuce, Ted

Ogden Pioneer Days

Ohl, Cody

Old Spec

Oliver, Dean

Olson, Jerry

O’Neill, Glen

Oscar, 1979

Parkison, Chuck

Paul, George

Peabody, Larry


Pendleton Round-Up

Peterson, Kristie

Peth, Wick

Pettigrew, Homer

Pickens, Slim

Pickett, Dee

Pickett, Bill

Pikes Peak or Bust Rodeo

Plaugher, Wilbur

Poker Chip Peake

Potter, Mel

Precious Speck “Walt”

Prescott Frontier Days© World’s Oldest Rodeo©

Pruett, Gene

Puryear, Tommy

Quintana, John

Ragsdale, Bob

Rambo, Gene

Randall, Glenn

RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo

Red Bluff Round-Up

Redding Rodeo

Red Rock

Reeves, Tom

Reiners, Dennis

Reno Rodeo

Reynolds, Benny

Roberts, Gerald

Roberts, Ken

Robinson, Bob A.

Robinson, Jerome

Roddy, Jack

Rodriguez Jr., Jim

Ross, Gene

Rossen, Ronnie

Rosser, Cindy

Rosser, Cotton

Rowell, Harry

Rowell Ranch Pro Rodeo

Rude, Ike

Rutherford, Buck

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