Rotating Gallery

The 101 Gallery is used primarily to display Western art collections and other specially created exhibits that pertain to the sport of rodeo. Exhibits in this gallery are changed at least twice a year.

Current exhibit: “Let’s Rodeo…The Art of Rodeo Posters"

Through its 100-year history, rodeo promotion has taken many forms. One of the most persistent forms is the rodeo poster. The gallery features a selection of posters ranging from the 1910s through 2019. Some of the featured artists are Larry Pirnie, Dave Merrick, Mike Scovel, and Buck Taylor.

It also contains other types of advertising materials including jackets, shirts, mugs, and lapel pins.

A few of the National Finals Rodeo posters are being sold in the gift shop to benefit the Save America’s Treasures grant managed by the Institute of Museum and Library Services that the Hall of Fame received in 2019. The grant will preserve 120 panoramic photographs dating between 1919 and 1959. More information about the grant can be found here.

The exhibit opened late spring and will be on display through the fall.

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