101 Gallery – Rotating Exhibits

The 101 Gallery is used primarily to display Western art collections and other specially created exhibits that pertain to the sport of rodeo. Exhibits in this gallery are changed at least twice a year.

Current exhibit: “The Artist and the Bucking Horse” and the Ardourel “Bit and Spur Collection.”  “The Artist and the Bucking Horse” is a collection of artwork in different mediums with the iconic bucking horse as the subject. The majority of the artwork in this collection was accumulated by Valona Varnum Crowell and donated to the museum in 1983.

The other exhibit is a collection of bits and spurs from the Ardourel “Bit and Spur Collection.” Dr. Ralph Ardourel donated his collection, which had been amassed by Rollie Leonard, to the Hall in 1983. Mr. Leonard’s land was the location of the original Boulder Pow Wow. The pieces are from contestants in the Pow Wow.

The exhibit went on display October 1, 2014 and will be on exhibit for several months. Please contact the museum for up to date information on the 101 Gallery.



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