101 Gallery – Rotating Exhibits

The 101 Gallery is used primarily to display Western art collections and other specially created exhibits that pertain to the sport of rodeo. Exhibits in this gallery are changed at least twice a year.

Current exhibit: The Artist and the Bucking Horse

The Artist and the Bucking Horse is currently on display and runs through Labor Day. The exhibit features over thirty-five artists and their view of the iconic bucking horse. The majority of the artwork was collected in 1983 and donated as a collection by Valona Crowell. Other pieces have been added over time by various contributors.

Artists include Frederick Remington, Chris LeDoux, Barbara Van Cleve, and more.

“Every Western Artist has done his or her version of the bucking horse. Some artist, like Will James, who is know as “the bucking horse artist,” have made it a trademark. The following collection started with the interest of seeing each artist’s interpretation of the same subject.

Some of the following artists were working cowboys or rodeo riders. All were observers of the sport and knew the situation well. You will see the comic, as well as the serious side, when each artist gives his (or her) idea of the bucking horse.” –Valona Varnum Crowell

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