101 Gallery – Rotating Exhibits

The 101 Gallery is used primarily to display Western art collections and other specially created exhibits that pertain to the sport of rodeo. Exhibits in this gallery are changed at least twice a year.

Current exhibit: “Captured Moments: Rodeo Photography Exhibit”

Features 14 photographers, 10 of which still work for the PRCA, dating back to the 1960s

Exhibit opened Wednesday, Oct. 24, will close April 30, 2019

Rodeo photography has been around since almost the beginning of the sport. The early photos were of contestants posed for large panoramic photographs before the competitions began. As equipment evolved, action images of the events began to emerge. Photographers made money selling the images as postcards and other sized prints. Rodeo photographers became more daring by shooting from inside the arena with little or no protection, some received broken bones for their efforts. A few photographers loved the sport so much that they entered as contestants. Others hung up their contestant numbers and picked up a camera.

Without these dedicated men and women, rodeo’s history would be a lackluster list of locations and participants. Instead, it is a rich, colorful tapestry. Full of amazing moments captured on glass plates, film, and digital hard drives.

This exhibit is a glimpse at the world of the rodeo photographers.

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